Who doesn’t love an in-person workshop?

This is a dedicated time for you to focus on YOU, your goals and dreams, and taking into account all the obstacles and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.

This is for anyone who is looking for clarity on any aspect of life, because whether we are talking about health, relationships, career, or spirituality, the common thread is you, and that’s where I come in.
I help YOU get clarity on YOU.

Trust me, once you get some of this internal stuff sorted out with yourself, the other external stuff falls into place easily and effortlessly.

(This is an introvert-approved workshop, with a maximum of 3 attendees per workshop, creating a safe and intimate environment for everyone!)

Each workshop is unique to it’s participants, but here’s a general idea of what we tend to cover:

  1. What’s my “thing?” a.k.a. I need a hobby!

    This is the workshop where we figure out what you are most passionate about, even if you have no clue where to start.

  2. All things side hustle!

    This is the workshop for you if your main goal is to turn your hobby and passion into extra income. We cover everything from, “what should I sell?” to “how does this fit into my already busy life?” and “where do I find customers?”

  3. CEO co-working session.

    This workshop is for those who have businesses (or know what they want to do) and they want the space to brainstorm, work, and collaborate creatively with other business owners.

  4. How do I make it happen?

    This workshop is for those who know what they want to do, but have trouble making it happen, due to time constraints, lack of funds, energy spread thin, etc. We will discuss your specific situation and together figure out a way to stop putting it off.



 What they are saying

Melissa Opie’s workshops are fun, easy, and life changing. In her gentle way, she coaches us to be our best selves and helps us realize what was holding us back. Before the workshops I was stressed and felt lost. I didn’t have an identity beyond Stay-at-home-mom and wife. Now I find enjoyment and purpose in my hobby of writing and was inspired to start substitute teaching and begin tutoring as well. It’s a difficult transition for me, but Melissa has been there for me every step of the way.
— Tricia
Before working with Melissa, I was feeling lost about the steps to take to find my passion and make it come alive. I was unclear about how to organize my thought processes and set realistic goals for myself. After working with Melissa, I have clarity about how to be intentional, and how to move forward. We dived deep into what drives me and how I can get started. I am so glad that I put myself first and made time to work on myself and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me figure it out. I am excited and motivated to make my future dreams and goals a reality!
— Paige
I didn’t know quite what to expect from the workshop, I just knew that we were working on the “how” of how to address the ins and outs of a “side hustle,” which for me was my new sewing business that I recently launched. It started for me as a fun hobby, but the items I was making started to get popular amongst my friends and other babywearing groups, so I *very* tentatively made a FB page.
The workshop went so much deeper than I expected—by “deeper,” I mean, we truly explored the “why” of the feelings/worries/fears/problems that came up and continue to come up as I run my business and how to acknowledge the root of them all. I expected what I learned to apply only to my business/side hustle project, but instead, it morphed into an overall look as to where in my life I could see the patterns of apprehension and a scarcity mindset, instead of looking at the opportunities and potential of a new business and having an abundance mindset. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone, whether or not you have started a business, have been in business for years and want to expand, or are simply trying to find what lines of business your passions lean towards. Because everything is connected, I even had takeaways that applied to my every day/family life. If you aspire to enhance your life, Melissa can help guide you!
— Giselle

For more information about attending a workshop, please contact me here.