Currency: All sales are billed in USD.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. My products and programs are non-refundable. I only work with committed souls who show up 100% and maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity. 

By enrolling in any of my coaching programs, you agree to:

  • Be coachable 
  • Fulfill on the commitments you make
  • Find a healthy balance between work and play
  • Give gratitude in the relationships in your life
  • Develop a listening to your body’s wants and needs
  • Powerfully deal with the stressors in your life
  • Show up to our sessions on time
  • Take responsibility for getting what you want from the coaching process. If anything we do together doesn’t work for you or “feel right,” you will bring it to my attention so we can explore other options.
  • Understand that we will communicate in a direct, honest way — giving clear feedback from a constructive and supportive place.
  • Communicate with transparency and authenticity and to ask for support when you need it.
  • Understand that whatever happens in a coaching session, stays in the coaching session.
  • Be open to receiving feedback and experimenting with new actions, behaviors, and strategies to create the results you want.


Installment Payment Policy: I reserve the right to remove access to all groups, programs and materials should any automatic monthly payments decline.