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What Is It?

melissa opie

A live, interactive workshop where we dedicate time to our dreams and desires for the end of 2017 – and beyond.
(You'll be so ahead of the game by the time the holidays come around!)

Get real-time help from me and your fellow planners.

A do-it-now, get-it-done, check-off-the-box workshop, which means no homework (except for actually implementing your plans!).

At least two hours of intensive working and planning together with time for breaks and discussion as needed.

See each other's faces and access each others' brains (because community, friendship, support, and teamwork always make life sweeter)

What Do You GEt?

Worksheets that help you get clarity on what really matters to you so that you aren't left feeling unsatisfied at the end of the year. 
(We will work through these together during the workshop, because I refuse to add more to your to-do list)

A recording of the workshops in case you want to revisit the process.

Two reunion "Plan-With-Me" workshops to
a) check-in and go over exactly what you weren't able to do and see what you got stuck on
b) revise, tweak, and refresh your plans for November and December
(This is important because life is full of surprises and being flexible is key to your sanity) 

A supportive group to remind you that it's mandatory to relax and put self-care into your schedule, while also making sure you don't keep putting off those goals that are important but keep getting put on the back burner.


Sunday, October 1st 2017  

10 am pacific // 1 pm eastern

melissa opie

More Info

We will plan a well-rounded and holistic Q4, where we take into account all the areas of your life so that you won't look back on this January wishing your time was spent elsewhere.

I will lead you through specific heart-digging exercises to help you make sure no area of your life is left unturned.

Think of this as a mini-mastermind group and a coaching session rolled into one.

You can choose to interact as much or as little as you want to. 

choose your own adventure 

There are no rules here. No agenda. No "do it Melissa's way" pressure.

Even though I'll be available and completely transparent in my planning process (I'll be doing it right along with you!) so you're welcome to pick my brain and dig into my plans, I want to make sure you create the life that you are happy with.  

You have my permission to design your 4th Quarter exactly the way you want. Make it your own. 



+  Who is Melissa and why should I trust her?

  • In case we haven't met before, I'm Melissa Opie, and I'm a life & business coach. I'm sharing my passion for planning because this is the framework that I've used with my clients since 2014 (when I started my business), guiding them to reach the goals that truly lights them up.
  • I've helped my clients achieve countless personal and business goals and you can read more about what my past clients have to say here. 

+  Is this just for business owners?

  • Nope. This is for anyone who wants crystal clarity around their "end of the year" goals, whether that's more time with family and relaxation, or planning ahead for those holiday promotional times to bring in extra income.
  • There's no requirements or limitations to join us, just an open and welcoming heart and a willingness to dig deeper into your desires.

+  What if I can't make the live class?

  • You will get the replay to do on your own time, and if there's a question that wasn't answered during the workshop, I'm here to help! 
  • Also, we have our monthly reunions to reflect and pivot, so you will have more opportunities to join the sisters live. 

+  When is the workshop?

  • The first one will be held on Sunday, October 1st 2017 at 10 am PDT // 1 pm EDT
  • The reunion meetings will be determined at a later date.

+  Where is the workshop held?

  • On zoom. (It's like Skype) 
  • I will send out the link to the meeting room prior to the workshop. 

+  Can you tell me more about what we are going to be doing together?

  • Some of the things that we will work on include prioritizing, time management, realistic expectations, habits, monthly focus, weekly scheduling, and more! The possibilities are endless and you are in charge of designing your plans, and we are here to help if you need it.


Sunday, October 1st 2017  

10 am Pacific // 1 pm eastern