Melissa Opie is a life and business architect who guides female business owners to success in all areas of life. By helping her clients find clarity and self-confidence, they are able to end the cycle of desperate hustling to build the future they deserve. She specializes in working with goaldiggers and high achievers who desire killer productivity without the burnout. On the fun side of things, she is an INFP and a Capricorn. Melissa has learned, through a lifetime of ballet training, the importance of finding balance and working gracefully.

Should I be a life coach? 7 coaching business questions answered by Valerie Bisharat


Meet Valerie Bisharat.
A health writer, teacher and coach who helps women live a stress- and obsession-free healthy lifestyle. 

In this case study of her business, she answers the following questions.
- What are your greatest accomplishments? What are you most proud of? (0:56)
- How did your friends and family react when you decided to become a coach and how did that affect you? (1:46)
- What made you take the plunge? What made you go from thinking about coaching to actually doing it? (3:07)
- If my life isn’t perfect, why would anyone listen to me? (4:58)
- Do I have the personality to be a coach? (5:31)
- Do I need to get coaching before I start coaching? (6:39)
- Should I have a theme or a specific angle from which I approach coaching? (7:28)

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