Melissa Opie is a Life Coach and Worthiness Mentor for women who desire more ease, femininity, and joy in their day-to-day lives.

She specializes in working with moms and high achievers who desire killer productivity without the burnout.

She's also half-Japanese, married to her best friend, mama to a baby girl, obsessed with planners and efficiency, an INFP, and a Capricorn.

She wholeheartedly believes that women who believe in themselves have the power to change the world. 

Should I be a life coach? 7 coaching business questions answered by Valerie Bisharat


Meet Valerie Bisharat.
A health writer, teacher and coach who helps women live a stress- and obsession-free healthy lifestyle. 

In this case study of her business, she answers the following questions.
- What are your greatest accomplishments? What are you most proud of? (0:56)
- How did your friends and family react when you decided to become a coach and how did that affect you? (1:46)
- What made you take the plunge? What made you go from thinking about coaching to actually doing it? (3:07)
- If my life isn’t perfect, why would anyone listen to me? (4:58)
- Do I have the personality to be a coach? (5:31)
- Do I need to get coaching before I start coaching? (6:39)
- Should I have a theme or a specific angle from which I approach coaching? (7:28)

You can find Valerie online here:

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