Melissa Opie is a life and business architect who guides female business owners to success in all areas of life. By helping her clients find clarity and self-confidence, they are able to end the cycle of desperate hustling to build the future they deserve. She specializes in working with goaldiggers and high achievers who desire killer productivity without the burnout. On the fun side of things, she is an INFP and a Capricorn. Melissa has learned, through a lifetime of ballet training, the importance of finding balance and working gracefully.

[Spy on a life coaching session] How to end the cycle of guilt and unworthiness around self-care

Have you ever wanted to spy on a real coaching session?
Here's your chance to go behind the curtains and watch me coach the beautiful Lori.

She wants to have more time for self-care, but she feels trapped.
In this session, we blow up some limiting beliefs that she has around guilt, self-worth, feeling responsible for pleasing other people, and more!


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3 mistakes all new coaches make when they first start out

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